1. How can you offer such good value?

As you will see from our About Us page the key to what Dave Burnett Vehicle Solutions Ltd can do for you is based around negotiating the best deals on your behalf. On top of that our overheads are kept to a minimum – no dealership site to pay for. We are committed to providing value for money to our customers along with service that is second to none.

2. I’m opting out of my company car scheme, what’s the best way forward?

As soon as you know what the monthly allowance is that you will receive, think about which vehicles that interest you the most. When you have made your preferred choices, just contact us, and we will always look for the best deals available. It is likely once you take into account your mileage allowance that you are able to upgrade from your original choice.

3. Do vehicles have a warranty?

Yes, all our vehicles come with the full UK manufacturers warranty.

4. What is the minimum / maximum length of contract?

The minimum is usually 24 months and the maximum is usually 60 months.

5. What if I want to hand the vehicle back early?

All contracts state that a fee is payable if the vehicle is handed back early. This is based on the market value of the vehicle when you want to end the contract and the number of months left for the contract to run. We will obtain a costing for you if required.

6. How many miles per annum I am allowed to do in my new car?

When you take out the contract you pre-agree your annual mileage. The mileage bands range from 6000 to 50,000. If you exceed the pre-agreed mileage then an excess mileage charge will be payable. The figures will be provided on your quotation and official finance documentation.

7. What if I exceed the agreed mileage on the contract?

Any mileage over the contract is charged at the excess mileage rate charged in pence per mile. As an example if the excess is 4 pence per mile then for 500 miles over contract you would be charged £20. If you know that you are likely to exceed the agreed mileage earlier in the contract, then a quotation can be obtained for you to adjust your contract.

8. Why not just go to one of the major dealer groups?

We are often able to be more competitive than the major dealerships because we have negotiated preferential buying terms and can combine these with shopping around for the best funding rates. Why not request a quote from us and compare our prices to those of any of the major dealerships.

9. Why not go straight to the funder?

Likewise we have negotiated discounts with all major manufacturers and work with a range of funders. This means we can place the right vehicle with the right funder to suit your needs.

10. Who Supplies the vehicles?

All the vehicles we supply will be sourced directly through the UK manufacturer dealer network. We can deliver to either your business or home address, whichever suits, no matter where you are in the UK. A delivery by trailer service can also be arranged at your request. Please contact us for details.

11. Can I use my local dealership to supply the vehicle(s)?

Our quotations are based on the most preferential supply terms we have been able to negotiate. If your local dealership can match these terms we can arrange for them to supply the vehicle. Please be aware that sometimes we have negotiated rates based on stock items at other dealer and therefore your local dealer cannot offer the same vehicle.

12. Can servicing, replacement tyres and maintenance be included as part of my lease agreement?

Yes it can. Rentals would be increased accordingly to cover the cost, however, bear in mind that with longer service intervals you could be paying out for a year or more before you see a benefit.

13. What is included in a maintenance contract?

All routine servicing and maintenance costs are included as well as replacement of certain fair wear and tear items. We can forward you a copy of a maintenance contract if you require further details.

14. Will the contract include Road Fund Licence?

Yes, either for the duration of the contract or 12 months. This will depend on the type of contract you have taken, for example Contract Hire agreements will tend to include RFL for the full term of the contract.

15. Is car insurance included in the lease?

Insurance should be arranged at you own convenience through your usual sources.

16. Where would I get the vehicle serviced?

Generally at any franchised dealer or at any v.a.t. registered garage as long as genuine manufacturer parts are used (some exceptions: for example, Mercedes must be serviced at a Mercedes garage if taken through Mercedes Finance)

17. I want to go ahead, when will I be expected to pay?

Once a line of credit has been agreed for your new vehicle, we will be require a signed order from you to confirm your wish to proceed. The balance of the initial payment will be payable a week or so before the vehicle is delivered (this can normally be made payable to the funding provider) and in some cases is taken via direct debit just after delivery, depending on the funder. The remaining monthly rentals/payments will be payable by direct debit and will start approximately a month after delivery.

18. What happens if I receive a traffic offence or parking ticket?

Naturally you are responsible for all fines, parking tickets, tolls and congestion charges. You must ensure these are paid promptly. If these go unpaid and the police or local authority contacts the leasing company for payment then these will be passed on to you and an additional administration fee will become payable. Please refer to your lease agreement terms & conditions for further details.

19. What happens if my vehicle gets a few stone chips or the odd dent?

We expect normal wear and tear such as a few stone chips and the odd dent. At the end of the contract you will have to pay for any damage that is more than just normal wear and tear? All our funders adhere to the BVRLA guidelines in respect of end of contract damage and if you wish to know more about please visit their website from our links page. Alternatively, please ask and we will provide the specific guidelines from you chosen funder.

20. Can I keep the car at the end of the contract?

You can request a purchase price for the vehicle or can sometimes extend the contract for a further period. Please be aware this doesn’t always work out as the best option for you at the end of your contract, please contact us to discuss this further.